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Results 1 - 20 of 48


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Impostor Rescue Online Game

Impostor Rescue Online
You must rescue the impostors and escape from the puzzle ships. Your mission is pull the pin out puzzle game to find the safest and most accurate outlet for the impostor. If you pull out the wrong pin, the impostor will die.Using your flexible brain, try to help the Impostor solve all puzzles to save his friends and unlock other skinsIt is easy to get started, but challenging to complete all the hero puzzles. The higher the levels, the more gray matter you must use because of the complex arrangement of the challenging puzzles. The objective of the game is to try to save the little one among us of each level with many dangers !!! Move the pins to release the different elements but think carefully when and which.

Roller Runner 3D Game

Roller Runner 3D
Collect cubes to create cylinders. Watch out, the rollers are reduced on obstacles and bridges. If all the cylinders are gone, you have to repeat the same level in order to move on to the next level. If you want to earn more points, you can collect diamonds. Remember, the more reels you have, the higher your score will be.

Stewardess Beauty Salon Game

Stewardess Beauty Salon
Stewardess Beauty Salon is a fun girl game with amazing graphics and customizations!

Squid Pop it Game Game

Squid Pop it Game
This is a super classic Pop it game in a Squid Game theme. How to play: click on the pops to smash them and clear all the board. Be quick and smash all the pops and feel the relax from the tensions, this game is for all ages and you can play for hours. Play more relaxing games only with Mapi Games.

Pop it! Battle Royal Game

Pop it! Battle Royal
Pop It! Battle Royal is a competitive version of Pop It! where you need to pop all the bubbles as fast as you can before the opponent's in 3-round and 5-round matches to win new pop-its and status.

Escape From The Toys Factory Game

Escape From The Toys Factory
Complete all Poppy pop it toys to Escape From The Toys Factory! Try to do that as faster as you can! If you ever know about Poppy scary character, it's Playtime for you to get start in this game.! enjoy it!

Mr. Dragon Game

Mr. Dragon
Mr. Dragon is a fun puzzle game where you play as a dragon that has to defend himself against the Vikings.

PixelArt Game

It's a game where you draw a cute little image. You can develop color matching skills and accuracy without any burden. Why don't you get out of your daily life for a while and heal yourself through coloring games?

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