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AI Gomoku Game

AI Gomoku
Immerse yourself in this AI-powered version of the classic game. Challenge our advanced AI opponent, adapt to different skill levels, and strategically place your pieces to achieve victory. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, AI Gomoku offers a visually pleasing and engaging experience right in your browser. Play against friends or online opponents, test your skills, and become the Gomoku champion. Ready to experience the thrill of outsmarting your opponent? Start playing AI Gomoku now and unleash your strategic brilliance! More games from!

Elastic Man Game

Elastic Man
Elastic Man is a fun addicting game, or more like a face stretching simulator, to play online and for free on You will be given some sort of weird elastic head, which by the way looks like cute little Morty from the Rick and Morty series, and you can stretch it however you want. You will probably find yourself doing that for hours, just messing around with it. It’s incredible how real it looks and how natural its movements feel, that’s why this game is so enjoyable. Stretch it, twist it and do whatever you want. Grab an eye ate try to tear it out. Click on the nose and make funny faces. Pull its ears like never seen before. Have fun with Elastic Man!

Mega Brick Breaker Game

Mega Brick Breaker
Mega Brick Breaker is an exciting block breaking game with a classic retro style where you have to clear each level completely. Control a platform and prevent the balls from falling off the screen so that they continue to destroy each of the colored blocks. You can play this game online and for free on You will pass the level when there is not a single block left. But that seems impossible, right? Don't worry, it won't be that hard with some help during each level. Try to collect the slowly falling bonus icons to launch additional balls or, even better, multiply all the ones already in play. At a certain point, if you collect these power-ups, you will have hundreds of balls bouncing all over the screen to complete your task. Have fun playing Mega Brick Breaker!

Boxing Random Game

Boxing Random
The most fun and random challenges begin with Boxing Random. Each round starts another fun with its own options. Sometimes long arms, sometimes icy field or rocket punches greet you. Send punches to the enemy's head. You can score this way. The first to reach a score of 5 wins the game!

Survive The Glass Bridge Game

Survive The Glass Bridge
The glass bridge game, one of the Squid Game games, is now on the web! One of the two glasses on the platform is made of fake glass. You must find the right glass and jump over it to reach the next glass and reach the final. If you choose the wrong glass, the glass will break and you will fall down. You must also cross over to the other side within the specified time. By choosing the difficulty level of the game on the main menu, you can gain an advantage in understanding the difference between the glasses.

Mr Flip Game

Mr Flip
Mr Flip is a fun ragdoll based platform game aiming to fall vertically from high platforms to marked areas on the ground. In our game, customize the game by purchasing special items with the money saving feature. Play a game suitable for all age groups and descend victorious platforms.

Cursed Treasure 1.5 Game

Cursed Treasure 1.5
Once again the gems of the evil forces are in danger! After a decade of peace the good heroes come again to steal the last 3 gems carefully saved by the evil Overlord. Your duty is to defend what was granted by centuries of the nefarious deeds. Build and upgrade towers, cast powerful spells and learn useful skills to protect the gems and smash all these ninjas, angels and lizard riders to pieces!

Fort Clash Survival Game

Fort Clash Survival
Fort Clash Survival features battle royale with bots in minecraft world, your mission is to search for weapons and loot on different maps and try to survive before the time runs out.

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